About our foodbank

Introducing Cambridge City Foodbank

Cambridge City Foodbank has had a presence in Cambridge for over 10 years. Our foodbank was founded by local churches, and is part of the Trussell Trust’s network of foodbanks across the UK. We provide emergency food provisions to help people in crisis but, in the long-term, we hope to support sustainable solutions to address poverty in Cambridge – eradicating the need for a foodbank altogether.

To keep our operations running we rely on a 200-strong team of dedicated volunteers, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning. Today, our foodbank provides food parcels from eight centres in locations across Cambridge city and beyond, ensuring we can support those areas in the greatest need. We also have three warehouses to store and organise our food donations and we work with around 100 partner agencies, enabling different avenues for referral and ways for people in need to receive foodbank vouchers.

In addition to the established foodbank offering, in 2018 we opened our first Fairbite shop, which offers people the opportunity to access a wide selection of foods for a small membership fee. In 2022 a second Fairbite shop was opened in St George’s Church in Chesterton. Fairbite is available to local people who are referred by a professional agency because they are struggling to afford to buy food for themselves and their families. The food in the Fairbite shop is mainly surplus stock from the warehouse and some is excess supermarket stock which comes from the national charity FareShare and Histon Produce, a local partner, donates fresh fruit and vegetables for the shop.

Cambridge City Foodbank continues to provide emergency support to people across Cambridgeshire and, with the help of our community, we hope to ensure that no one in our city is left hungry.

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