Volunteer Learning Project Privacy Statement

Published 22nd April 2024.

About the research

We are contacting you because you are a volunteer or a member/user at Cambridge City Foodbank. Cambridge City Foodbank have recently initiated a Volunteer Learning Project. Co-creating Futures are conducting a piece of research on behalf of Cambridge City Foodbank to find out more about volunteers’ journey, experience, needs and interest, and improve the support and development of the volunteers to maximise community impact.

Information about the research

The research will be conducted via the medium of a survey, 1-1 interviews, discussion group and/or workshop sessions. You can withdraw your participation from any of these sessions at any time. The survey outcomes will be processed, and the sessions transcribed or recorded. The transcriptions or recordings from the sessions will be kept throughout the duration of the project for which these have been collected, and for a period not longer than 12 months.

Your personal information

If you are a survey participant, your identity will remain confidential and we will not be asking you to share your name or email address. Findings from this research will not be directly associated with your name, and we will remove any obviously identifying information when this data analysis is presented as part of the research report.

We may be asking you to share personal information related to age, faith, disability, ethnicity, and postcode as part of the survey  (as part of Cambridge City Foodbank’s commitment to be a more diverse and inclusive organisation) but we will ensure that this data is collected in strictest confidence and that you can chose not to disclose any information you do not feel comfortable sharing, with no bearing on your wider participation in this research study. The data will solely be used for the purpose of overall analysis by the consultant, will not be shared in its raw form with Cambridge City Foodbank, and will not be personally identifiable.

If you are an interview or a workshop participant, we will be collecting your information such as a name and email address to help us select you as a participant and to contact you to arrange these sessions. We will not share your information with anyone outside our organisation or use it for any other purpose.

Survey outcome data, recordings or transcriptions will not be used outside of the context of this research project and will be deleted after a 12 month period. They will be stored in accordance with Co-creating Futures own data retention policies and in compliance with current Data Protection Legislation.

If you share something where we believe there is a significant and urgent risk to your safety or the safety of someone else, we are required to share this information with the Cambridge City Foodbank Safeguarding lead.

Your consent

We will be asking for your explicit consent to participate at the beginning of the survey or other research exercises.

At any time, you can contact our team performing the research and ask for clarification on any issue. Even if you agree to participate, you can withdraw from the research at any time, refuse to answer any question without any consequences of any kind, and can withdraw your consent to use your data at any time.

Your details will  not be passed on to third parties. Please see Co-creating Futures Privacy Policy.