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You can help end the need for foodbanks in Cambridge - find out how.

Cambridge City Foodbank is campaigning to end the need for foodbanks in Cambridge. Powered by our community and led by people with lived experience of the issues, we are striving to combat the root causes of food insecurity and poverty locally, and getting involved in the Trussell Trust’s national campaigns too. Join the campaign mailing list to be updated on our progress.

Having joined the Trussell Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s call for an Essentials Guarantee, we are now using our influence locally to support the national campaign. You can find out more about the Guarantee Our Essentials campaign on the Trussell Trust’s website.

Ready to take action?

Whatever your experience, skills, or confidence, we need everyone in our community to play their part in securing a future without the need for foodbanks. Please get in touch with Kate, our Local Organiser ([email protected]), to learn more about what role you could play in our campaign.

And if you’re ready to take immediate action, use the Trussell Trust’s online tool to write to your MP and encourage them to support the campaign.


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